Welcome to the Audio Melody Extraction Annotation Initiative!


The Audio Melody Extraction Annotation Initiative (AMEAI) is an initiative driven by the research community working in Music Information Retrieval and related fields. Its primary goal is to compile an open, large, representative and carefully annotated dataset for evaluating what is commonly referred to as Audio Melody Extraction algorithms.

In order to compile this dataset, the AME Annotation Initiative must first address the following topics:

Each one of these topics has a dedicated page on this wiki. Once these topics have been addressed, the AME Annotation Initiative wiki can serve for coordinating and reporting on the progress of the annotation effort, and hopefully also as a general information source about Audio Melody Extraction.

Why do we need a new initiative?

This initiative stems from recent (2012) discussions on evaluation within the research community:

How to contribute

The AME Annotation Initiative wiki has just been launched! (25/10/2012). The best way to contribute is by adding your ideas/proposals to the "discussion page" of each topic, or if you prefer, directly to the wiki page.

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